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2 Dollar Bill

2 Dollar Bill: When we go to a store many of us pay for our goods by cash if we don't have our credit cards with us. We are very familiar with the different money values that we see regularly. There is one type of money bill that is seen very rarely. This is the 2 dollar bill and because it is hardly ever used or seen there are many stories that have developed around this bill.

In spite of its relatively low value, the 2 dollar bill is one of the most rarely-seen denominations of U.S. currency. They represent only 1% of all notes currently produced.

This low production has inspired many urban legends. Some say the 2 dollar bill is not considered as being real money. For this reason people either consider it as being fake, or they will decide that it is so rare that they need to possess this bill.

Even though you will not see the 2 dollar bill all that much, there are some of these 2 dollar bills in circulation. In many cases the 2 dollar bill has become a collector's item for the people who come across it. When this happens the 2 dollar bill starts to disappear from public sight. It is only when there is a serious shortage of 2 dollar bills that the Federal Money Reserve will start printing a new batch.

The fact is most $2 Bills are not valuable

The current 2 dollar bills are hardly encountered in circulation but they are too common to be valuable. The only $2 Federal Reserve notes that are collectibles,

are special 2 dollar bills with the note "not put into circulation" and are sold through the B.E.P (Bureau of Engraving and Printing). Also Series of 1976 2 dollar bills with a cancelled stamp are collectibles.

Other factor such as an interesting pattern in the serial number or there is a start in the serial pattern or the bill will have some sort of error (ink spill) can be considered as collectible. Other than that if you come across a 2 dollar bill you might want to hang on to it until you can exchange it at the bank, probably the only place where they will not look at you funnily!