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50 Dollar Bills

I am sure that at one point or another you have looked at the various dollar bills that you have with you. You will see 50 dollar bills, 100 dollar bills and even 1 dollar bills. While you use these dollar bills to pay for the services and goods that you want, it is very rarely that you will spend some time looking at various dollar bills. One such dollar bill that you might want to look at is the 50 dollar bill.

Recently the 50 dollar bill also referred to as “Grant” as been revised and given a face lift. This was done to prevent the counterfeiters to make their own version of the 50 dollar bill. So many features were added to the bill to help fight against fake money. But the old 50 dollar bill still remains in circulation so that people will not complain.

Here are some of the changes that were added to the 50 dollar bill:

  • stylized image in red and blue of the American flag
  • The President picture is now placed a little off center
  • In the lower right side of the President Grant's picture there is silver blue star that as been added.
  • The reverse side of the 50 dollar bill you can see an image of the capitol building surrounded by a cloud of small gold stars

As I wrote earlier, those security features were added to answer back at people who likes to print out fake money, those features will make their job much harder if they try to duplicate the new 50 dollar bill. Another feature added to the bill is the number 50 has been given a copper-to-green color changing ability. They did this to help store vendors differentiate a genuine 50 dollar bill from a fake one.

The very first 50 dollar bills appeared in 1861 along with currency of other denominations. As time passed since the first issue of the 50 dollar bill, the size of the 50 dollar bill has shrunk. Today you will be able to find the 50 dollar bill as being 6.14 inches by 2.61 inches, smaller than what it was in 1861. Then again, the larger notes of yesteryear would definitely have a hard time fitting into the wallets and pocketbooks of today.